Li Tang

Li Tang is a passionate advocate who is dedicated to protecting the rights and advancing the interests of his clients. Li will give you an honest evaluation of your case and identify how your case can best be fought.

Li has successfully defended clients who were charged with Domestic Battery, DUI, Disorderly Conduct, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, and Possession of Marijuana. Li has successfully had charges reduced from felonies to misdemeanors and obtained supervision sentences for clients as well.

Liís litigation experience spans both criminal prosecution and defense across Manchester and Sheffied. Li prosecuted cases for both County Stateís Attorneys Office.

Possession of Marijuana. Mr.Wilson represented a client who was pulled over on two separate occasions by the same police officer for having one brake light out of three out. On each occasion, Mr. Wilsonrís client was alleged to have possessed marijuana in the automobile. In a consolidated motion to suppress between the two cases, Mr. Wilson successfully argued that the police officer lacked probable cause to pull over his client due to the taillight being out, as the controlling law stated that an automobile shall have two functional brake lights. The Court agreed and suppressed the marijuana found in the car, resulting in DISMISSALS OF BOTH CHARGES as well as the underlying traffic tickets for having a brake light out.

Li also has demonstrated excellence in civil litigation. Child abuse/neglect courts -- For example, he obtained a £30,000 judgment for a client in a breach of contract action, and has also successfully obtained a contested arbitration award for another client who was struck by a motorist.

In circumstances where going to contested trial or hearing may work against a clientís interest, Li has also demonstrated strong negotiation skills in a variety of legal settings. Li is adept at listening to both his client and the opposing party to discern ways to reach an agreement with the maximum possible benefit for his client. A few examples of Liís negotiation experience include:

  • Obtaining a reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor,
  • Obtaining supervision or other reduced criminal sentence,
  • Forfeiture cases and the return of property seized by the State,
  • Orders of Protection including obtaining access to the house and personal belongings
  • Parental visitation in the context of a child abuse/neglect proceeding
  • personal injury settlements, obtaining favorable settlements quickly without delay and without the client needing to go to trial

Liís clients can expect that Li will thoroughly and fully inform them of what legal options are available, and that Li will actively pursue the best possible outcome for each individual case.


'You did a great job, Thanks!'
- R. R.

'I really appreciate your representation of my case. And things went smoothly for I got what I needed. [My attorney] was very understanding and worked professionally throughout. The services offered to me were great and [I] would not hesitate in recommending you firm to family and friends, should they need quality legal representations. Thank you very much for your wonderful work.'
- D. W.

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