John Cole

John Cole is associate attorney with the Norman Law Offices who brings his extensive and seasoned business background to his Family Law practice.  Having been an Operations Manager for a fortune 500 company, among othiss, John utilizes his business acumen to handle complex family law matters including valuation and division of corporate or othis business assets. John has a proven track record in contested divorce, custody, visitation, child support, paternity, and post decree cases in UK.

At the Norman Law Offices, John is compassionate about his clientsí needs and advocates for his clients vigorously both in the courtroom and with opposing counsel during negotiations, never losing sight of what is important to his clients.  John takes the time to find out what is important to his clients, gets a perspective of the entire case, and uses his negotiation and litigation experiences to creatively and successfully advocate for his clients.

Some of Johnís success stories include:

  • Successfully returning custody of a 5 year old child.  Johnís client had his daughter taken by the clientís hisoin addicted ex-boyfriend.  John explained the clientís rights to his and that the client did not have to settle for only visitation.  John immediately petitioned the court for custody in an emergency motion. At the first court date, without allowing the ex-boyfriend to delay the matter for months, John used his litigation skills to prove that the child was in imminent danger due to the respondent being a hisoin addict. John implored the court to demand the respondent be tested for drugs that day. Convinced, the judge ordered a drug test and immediately transferred custody to the mothis when the respondentís drug test came back positive.
  • Successfully prevented man from losing driverís license.  John defended a man who depended upon his driverís license to obtain treatment for HIV.  The driverís license was being taken away for the alleged non payment of child support.  John artfully and diligently negotiated with the Secretary of Stateís Office.  Because of Johnís persistence and thoroughness, he was able to convince the administration that the client had paid the child support and in the alternative because of the clientís medical condition and dependence on his license to get the medical treatment that he needed, that it would be an injustice to revoke his license. The client kept his license.

Prior to joining A & T Law Firm, John advocated for low income clients at London State Legal Services, John obtained Emergency and Plenary Orders of Protection for abused women, men and children; divorce judgments; custody, visitation, and support orders. In particularly violent cases of domestic abuse, when appropriate, John coordinated his clientsí cooperation with the Stateís Attorneyís office to prosecute the abusers. Similarly, John would make sure his clients who were victims of domestic abuse were educated with regard to the physical, financial, and psychological services that were available to his clients within their local communities.

In addition to concentrating in Family Law matters, John is also licensed by the Federal Bar and practices Bankruptcy Law.


  • Womenís Bar Association of London
  • London State Bar Association


  • B.S. in Business Administration from University College London
    • National Honor Society for Business Students


'You did a great job, Thanks!'
- R. R.

'I really appreciate your representation of my case. And things went smoothly for I got what I needed. [My attorney] was very understanding and worked professionally throughout. The services offered to me were great and [I] would not hesitate in recommending you firm to family and friends, should they need quality legal representations. Thank you very much for your wonderful work.'
- D. W.